What can I do with the MomentumTM software?

MomentumTM  is designed to run all aspects of your human subjects pool.  We create a customized web site for you that we host on our servers.  Experimenters post experiments on your web site by using any web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape).  Students view the posted experiments via any web browser and can sign-up for available appointments.  The schedule is immediately updated to reflect any changes, and an email message can be sent to the student to confirm their appointment.  Reminder messages are also sent the day prior to an experiment.

The experimenters assign credit (or penalties) to the students by visiting the web site.  No software is required other than a web browser because the entire site is maintained on our computers.  The web site takes care of ensuring that students do not sign up for an experiment more than once (only if such a restriction is desired!).  Students can check their "accounts" at any time to examine their current credit balance, and to see the dates and times of upcoming appointments.

An administrator in your department will also have access to a number of powerful features that can tailor the software to your particular needs.  For example, banner announcements on the opening page of the web site can alert students (and experimenters) to special changes or events.  The administrator can control the assignment of experiment numbers (and their associated passwords) to experimenters, and the allocation of subject-hours, thus controlling access to the subject pool.  Extensive reporting capabilities are provided in order to track the students' participation, and to ease the burden of tabulating the information at the end of the semester for use in assigning final grades.

The system is capable of handling "batch" assignment of credit as is sometimes useful after mass testing sessions.  Pre-screening can also easily be used to determine eligibility to serve in particular experiments.

What security features are in place?

All of our signup websites use 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology--the industry-standard method of encrypting and protecting web communications.   (This is the same level of security used to protect credit card transactions.)  Furthermore, student identification information such as name, ID number, and email address are always password-protected and visible only to the individual student (and participant-pool administrator).  Credit reports, which might also contain student names and ID numbers, are also protected by passwords that your administrator controls.  Email validation can be used to guarantee that a potential participant owns an email address at your institution.  A batch entry method is also available to permit registration of participants so that you can have complete control over the participant population.

Additional hardware and software features protect the integrity of your data:  The database files are stored on a computer that is not directly accessible from a web browser.  The web and data servers operate under a security-hardened version of the Windows 2000 operating system, and all security patches and upgrades are installed promptly.

How does Experimetrix® comply with HIPAA?

The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establishes standards to protect and guard against the misuse of individually identifiable health information.  Many departments simply do not obtain such private health information in the normal course of conducting Psychology experiments.  If this is the case for your department then the HIPAA regulations may not apply to your research activities or to the activities that the Momentum Experiment Scheduling System helps you monitor.  Of course, only officials in your Department or University would be able to determine whether your unique situation is to be covered by the HIPAA regulations.  If it is determined that your use of the Momentum scheduling system is to be covered by the HIPAA rules, we are completely compliant with the guidelines.  You can read more about HIPAA details here.

Our department is very large--can Experimetrix® handle it?

Our web servers have been receiving more than one million hits per week. On a typical evening we send several thousand email reminders for the next day's appointments. We can handle your department's load!

What can go wrong?

Don't worry!  Our web servers are enterprise-class computers with dual processors, large amounts of memory, and multiple hard disks. They are maintained in a facility with redundant connections to the internet, backup power sources, and 24 hour staffing. We have triple redundancy on web servers in the event of a failure.  The database with your experiment information is maintained on a server with multiple discs.  Failures are extremely unlikely.  We also make regular backups to tape "just in case".

When can we use the web site?

The site is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Many people find that viewing listings of experiments can sometimes mitigate effects of insomnia.  We can have your site up and running in a matter of days.

What kind of support is provided?

Free and fast support is always included.  We are available by phone or email for immediate consultation in the event that you have any questions.  We also provide concise web-based documentation to help guide students, experimenters and the departmental administrator as they first learn to use the system.

What about our subject-pool coordinator?

Sorry, but the person in your department who is responsible for coordinating the subject pool is going to have MUCH less work to do after you begin using the MomentumTM software!  Much less.

How can I find out more?

If you have any more questions, such as how to tailor MomentumTM to suit your particular needs, please contact us.  We'd be happy to answer any questions.

Who offers Experimetrix®?

Experimetrix® is offered by Sona Systems, Ltd., a company dedicated to offering software for human subject pool management.

® Sona Systems, Ltd.
Experimetrix® is a registered trademark of Sona Systems, Ltd.