"My department has been using Experimetrix® for the past few years, and itís great.† It is by far the best system I have ever encountered for scheduling subjects, and I would recommend it highly to anyone who asks."

David A. Waller, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Psychology
Miami University

"Thanks again for all your help.  You certainly make running a subject pool very easy for a non-computer person like myself."

Monica Harris Kern, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Kentucky

"The software itself is fabulous.  I'm not exaggerating - it really has been fantastic for everyone involved!  The system has made both students and researchers feel fairly treated - and the sheer efficiency the system has created has meant the volume of research able to be conducted has increased dramatically."

Dr. Caleb Owens, Department of Psychology
University of Sydney, Australia

"The Momentum system saves us a lot of time in recruiting, scheduling, and
tracking our research participants."

Steven Yantis, Ph.D., Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Johns Hopkins University

"The Momentum software exceeds the standards of confidentiality for research participants established by our IRB."

Sandra Hale, Ph.D.,† Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair of the Human Studies IRB
Washington University

"'Experimetrix®' has proven to be a more accurate and secure method of signing students up and guaranteeing the experimenters a more exact number of students that participate in those experiments."

The Purdue Exponent, January 7, 2002

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